Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GameSalad Creater Release!

GameSalad announced Tuesday its new publishing business service, called the GameSalad Creator. The creator allows users to make their own iPhone games, and publish them to the Apple app store.

The thing that makes this tool special is that it's a no-code option, meaning you don't need to know code to create an app. It is not the first no-code tool for making iPhone apps. A couple that have been around fora while include Adventure Maker and Yapper.

GameSalad Creator is free to download and to use, which is good news for business, or independent developers, who want to dip their toe into the iTunes pool without incurring major costs. The company stated, in the release that it intends to keep the tool free once it is out of its current beta period.

Another cost-saving benefit is that the new service will eliminate the need for an Apple iPhone developer account. An Apple iOS developer account costs $99. Though users with a current developers account can still submit via their account.

New Apps for Your Smartphone, October Edition

With over 225,000 iPhone apps and 70,000 Android apps, Smartphones are becoming a new trend for phones. Developers are always coming up with something new for you to experience on a phone. With apps like msn, skype, twitter, and banking being downloaded on phones, it is giving people less of a reason to turn to their computer. The newest "app of the month" is the Instagram, which allows people to edit any image on a phone.

Apps for your Smartphone

Optimizing Your Site for an iPhone

This tutorial will help you optimize your current site to fit an iPhone screen. Design wise you can't take everything you have on a desktop site and put it on an iPhone. It just wouldn't work because you don't have much real estate to work with. So you are going to have to cut some things out and redesign it a bit. This tutorial shows what they did to an existing site to make it fit an iPhone. They also talk about the different style sheets you would need, and how to test your site with emulators.

Tutorial: Optimizing your website for mobile devices

Getting Started with iPhone/iPad Development

Smashing Magazine has a great post about how to start developing for an iPhone or iPad. They start with design, and provide helpful links like Here you can view great sites built for the iPhone. They also have links that can help you understand how the brower in an iPhone OS works, and the differences between the iPhone and iPad browers. This is a great read for people who are just getting into iPhone/iPad development.

Web Development for the iPhone & iPad: Getting Started

the windows strategy

With the upcoming release of windows phone 7, many people have been analyzing Microsoft's strategies. It seems as though, they have pulled all of the stops out in order to appeal to more people. Evidence of this is in the development of zune software for mac users. Part of the smartphone experience is to be able to sync everything together; music, calendars, contacts, etc. However, with the lack of zune software for mac, that would clearly deter people from experimenting with this new platform. Microsoft realized this, and consequently is developing software to allow this.

However, when it comes to tablet development, it is widely thought that Microsoft doesn't really know what's coming to them. It is thought that they are unaware of what the tablet experience is all about. Especially within the time frame they are giving themselves -- until they end of the year. Many feel as though Microsoft cannot pull out all the stops and cram all of the windows 7 experience into a touch screen tablet in such a short amount of time. Many companies developing tablets, such as LG and HP have scratched plans to work with microsoft, and rather went elsewhere.


windows breaks into the smartphone scene.

even though there are a limited number of phone operating systems that allow for a mostly pleasant mobile internet experience (iPhone, Blackberry, Android), there is about to be another one on the market... the windows phone 7.

Recently, the windows phone was revealed and hopes to reach their rivals with number of apps and user experience. The phone will be released in the US next month.

There are many unique features to the phone, which can be found in the main article.

The current windows phone (windows 6.5) did not have much success on the market, so with windows phone 7, they are banking for more success and a contender against the phones already on the market.

windows phone 7